Why You Should Try The Mandiriqq – A Review of Traditional Japanese Cuisine

If you have a passion for traditional Japanese food and would like to learn how to make authentic, traditional sushi, the Mandiriqq is an absolute must-try. This restaurant has long been considered one of the best sushi restaurants in Japan. This small Japanese restaurant specializes in the most delicious tasting sushi you can find anywhere. When you are looking for an exquisite meal that is both tasty and refreshing, the Mandiriqq should be on your list.

You can choose from so many different varieties of traditional Japanese cuisine such as udon, shabu, shoyu, makisushi and so much more. Their specialty is in making sushi which is the Japanese answer to the American roll and is also famous throughout Asia. They have the ultimate variety of sushi to satisfy any taste or budget.

If you love traditional Japanese food but don’t want to pay a fortune for it, you will want to give the Mandiriqq a try. This restaurant offers a large selection of appetizers and side dishes to fit any budget. The most popular appetizer served is takoyaki, which is similar to a Japanese tempura, but a little different. Takoyaki is cooked in soy sauce and contains vegetables, meats and toppings such as fruits and sauces. It is often served with rice.

Another favorite appetizer is the sweet potato salad which is filled with apples, cucumbers, mushrooms and a sweet taste. The dessert served at this restaurant is called tsukune. It is made from sorbet and is an Asian twist on the traditional sweet potato pie. If you prefer something a bit more filling, you can go ahead and try their sweet potato soup which is usually served on the side. You will enjoy the taste and texture of the sweet potatoes in this soup. You can also order the dessert known as the kuromame, which is a cream pudding filled with fruits and topped with a sweet glaze.

Aside from appetizers and side dishes, the restaurant also serves a wide variety of seafood. There are a number of different types of seafood that they offer such as sashimi, nigiri, kuro miso, toro (sesame), maki, hiromaki and shari masago. You can find all these delicacies and more in their sushi bar. They serve fresh, natural ingredients in a very gentle and subtle way, which makes them very appealing to the eyes and taste buds of sushi lovers.

If you are looking for traditional Japanese cuisine but don’t have a lot of money, this restaurant can provide you with a great alternative to eating out. They serve affordable prices which won’t break the bank. Since they cater to such a large segment of the population, they have some of the best deals you will find anywhere. When you are looking for a good value, try checking out the Mandiriqq!